Risk Analysis

Risk analysis in three divisions

Food and feed go through the most varied processes during their production and sales, whereby each individual component can bear risks we need to recognise and minimise or manage in controllable fashion. These risks are related to various divisions: product and quality assurance, occupational safety and environmental protection. ISIS instructs certified companies in self-responsibly identifying and alleviating risks and their critical points in work processes. With regard to product quality, it uses the established HACCP risk analysis already mandatory for the import of food and feed into the EU. ISIS innovatively combines the HACCP approach with risk analyses for occupational safety and environmental protection. To enable every company in these divisions to independently develop risk analyses, ISIS provides specification documents for the establishment and identification of critical points.

Icons mark critical points

The specification documents work with simple images and graphics wherever possible. These "icons" also serve to powerfully and comprehensively mark critical operational points. This allows the company's employees to create awareness for the recognition and alleviation of risks.


ISIS equally demands and promotes a high degree of self-responsibility from standard takers. Every company creates risk analyses in the divisions product and occupational safety as well as environmental protection. Subsequent external audits verify these risk analyses and establish whether the companies self-responsibly comply with the required specifications. Regular random checks by neutral inspectors guarantee the risk analysis' sustainable success. Corresponding with the multi-level approach, the requirements to the risk analysis rise with each level.