Cooperation with other standards

ISIS: a cooperative, integrative standard

Recognition of other standards

Some fisheries are already certified to an accredited standard. That leaves fewer certification questions to evaluate and greatly simplifies the implementation process. In addition, ISIS GmbH stays in close contact with international experts, associations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in order to keep ISIS up to date with the latest market requirements. Generally speaking, companies can be initially certified to a higher ISIS level if they have already adopted other quality standards such as GMP+.

Flexible checklist system

With the unique, database-supported ISIS software, users can integrate individual customer requirements (e.g. in-house supplier audits) and respond to changes in the business environment (e.g. changes in laws). During the audit on location, the information is entered in the software offline. It is only uploaded to a central database after the audit has been finished. This way, ISIS GmbH can offer fast, resource-light execution around the world.